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Certified Live Event Planner Certification (CLEP)

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The Washington Festivals and Events Association has established a certification program that will offer the ultimate educational and achievement experience for WFEA members.

The CLEP program will offer all-day, in-depth educational sessions and hands-on experience at festivals and events that will provide event professionals knowledge at the highest level of their field. Upon completion of requirements, graduates will earn the title of Certified Live Event Planner (CLEP).

“It will also offer recognition to people who have gone the extra step to learn about the festivals and events industry,” said WFEA Executive Director Bruce Skinner. “With it will come increased professional status and potentially compensation.”

The WFEA Certification program is overseen by the WFEA Professional Education Board of Managers, a body appointed and made up of top industry professionals and educators. The Board establishes the curriculum, engages faculty, provides expertise, and monitors progress by students seeking certification.

To achieve certification, candidates must complete items on the CLEP check list:


Applicants must complete the following in order to achieve certification:

1. Four one-day seminars on the following topics

  • Special event sponsorship
  • Administration/Management and Operations
  • Marketing/Media Relations
  • Non-Sponsorship Revenue Programs (Half Day)
  • Programming and Production (Half Day)

Seminars will be offered twice a year, one at the WFEA annual educational conference, and the other at a fall regional seminar. Therefore, candidates could complete the course over a period of 18 months.

2. Behind the Scenes

Candidates must also view a festival or event working with industry professionals for at least a full day. This will enable you to see how information learned in seminars is actually applied. Event that you select must be pre-approved by the Certification Committee. If you wish, Committee will match you with a festival or event and its organizer.

3. Experience

In order to graduate with a certification designation, applicants must have a minimum of three years of festival and event-related experience.

4. Member In Good Standing

All certification candidates will be required to become a current WFEA member in good standing before receiving their certification designation. Note: continued membership is required to maintain certification.

5. Conference Attendance

Candidates must attend a minimum of two WFEA annual conferences or one conference and two WFEA one day seminars.

6. Publication

As part of the curriculum, candidates must write a 500-750 word article that can be published by WFEA in its e-magazine, Inside Washington Festivals and Events.

FINAL FEE: $250.00

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We offer 3 different membership rate levels. For students, individuals and organizations - each based on annual budget.

$125 / $155 / $225




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