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Enter WFEA's Summit Award Program

Entry Deadline - September 12, 2024

Click Here to Apply


Here’s your opportunity to receive statewide recognition. WFEA will once again recognize outstanding creative, promotional and community outreach programs and materials produced by events and festivals from Washington at its annual conference.

Take a look at the application form – you will find many categories!


We are going to present two additional major awards in 2023 (you need not apply for them; we will select from your entries that have already been submitted)

Best in Show

Represents the best single entry in each budget category.

Grand Summit

The Grand Summit is the highest award given by WFEA in recognition of those Festival and Events who have a balance of all the elements necessary to ensure a successful event.

Award winners in each budget category will be selected based on the overall excellence of a festival and event as presented in their entries in all the other Summit Award categories.

Organizations must submit an entry in each of the three categories in order to be eligible

1. Collateral/printed materials

2. Marketing

3. Programming

Here’s how to register for the awards:


Fill out the online application form:

Click Here to Apply

All entries will be organized into one of two (2) categories based on total overall event budget, which is to include both cash and in-kind expenses: $149,999 and Under and Over $150,000. The committee reserves the right to combine budget categories based upon the number of entries submitted.
Entries must be received by end of business September 12, 2023


Pay for your entries

After completing the online application you can pay by credit card online or choose to be invoiced and send a check to WFEA at 1015 Georgiana St. Port Angeles, WA 98362. Each entry fee is $15.00.


Submit your digital copy

Send your digital copy to: Any questions about what digital copies to send, please reference the Summit Award rules here: RULES

Any other questions please contact WFEA by email or Or call at 360-441-7190. 


Members will receive a confirmation by email that WFEA is in receipt of their entries. Industry professionals will independently judge the entries. Each category has a stated criteria for judging. All entries will be submitted digitally online to WFEA (  Members are encouraged to share with peers and bring their materials to the convention in April.


Please submit your digital copy to WFEA:

Please contact WFEA by phone 360-477-6556 or email at



Judging Criteria Submission Requirements

Printed Materials

  • Brochure / Postcard / Direct Mail Piece
  • Promotional Poster
  • Program / Event Guide
  • Tickets & Invitations
  • Event Recap / Annual Report
  • Newspaper Tabloid

Is the item’s message informative, clear, concise,

compelling enough to engage the audience, easy to

understand, possess exceptional design features

and is it original? Judging done online

Submit a digital PDF or JPEG of the item.

Outdoor Advertisement

Examples of outdoor advertising include, but are not limited to, overthe-street signage, street pole banners, bus signs, vehicle wraps/signs, sidewalk signage, billboards, trash can wraps, etc.

Is the message informative, clear, concise, compelling enough to engage the audience, easy to read, have visual impact, and original?

Judging done online.

Submit a digital PDF or JPEG image of advertisement.

PR / Media Campaign

Includes Press Kit, Overall Media Campaign, Press Conferences, Publicity Stunts

Is the content creative and wellorganized with a clear message? Judging done online. Submit a digital PDF. 


• Logistical Achievement

• Sponsorship Proposal

• Food & Beverage Program

• Volunteer Program

• Green Program

• Educational Program

• Multi-Agency Collaborative Program

• Community Outreach

• Best Programming

• Sponsor Partnership Entry should highlight a specific sponsor that stands out above all others.

• Social Media Ad Campaign 

Does the program serve a purpose or objective, involve and benefit all partners, produce measurable results and is it an original idea? Judging done online. 

Submit required documents online.


• Introduction & Background of main event and program

• Effectiveness of Program

• Partner Involvement


• Printed Materials

• Promotional / Marketing

• Media Materials

• Supporting Photographs

• Measurable Results

Photo (Black & White or Color)

Does the photo have original and exceptional composition, use of light and color, and evoke an emotion or leave an impression? Judging done online

Submit a digital jpeg of the photo image

Promotional Item

Examples of promotional items include, but not limited to, souvenirs, hats, mugs, pins, volunteer / sponsor recognition items 

Is the promotional item original, have visual impact, and serve a purpose for its target market? Judging done in person Submit a digital jpeg of the production.


Collared shirts should be entered under Promotional Items. Examples include promotional shirts for sale and not for sale and volunteer shirts.

Does the tee-shirt display good use of design and originality? Judging done in person. Submit a digital jpeg of front and back of t-shirt

Broadcast Media

• Television Program, Ad, PSA or YouTube Promotion Video

• Radio Program, Ad or PSA

Is the message informative, clear, concise, compelling enough to engage the audience, original, and have impact? Judging done online. Submit YouTube link to video or upload to online application.

Multimedia Marketing

• Website

• Mobile App

• Social Media Pages – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Other 

Is the website/page/app informative, clear, concise, compelling enough to engage the audience, easy to navigate, have visual impact and does it possess exceptional design features and display originality? Judging done online. For Website, Mobile App and Social Media Pages: Submit link to webpage, social media site or app download link. For Social Media Ad Campaign: Submit supporting documentation showing ad results.


We offer 3 different membership rate levels. For students, individuals and organizations - each based on annual budget.

$125 / $155 / $225




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Port Angeles, WA 98362

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