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Boo-coda Spectacular sets itself apart with “spook-tacular” festival

Standoutness, how can you have your festival and event standout from the crowd?

The tiny Town of Bucoda, Washington, population 565, and with only two businesses captured the media’s attention with their first annual two month-long Boo-Coda Spook-Tacular Festival. In May 2018, the idea of the Boo-Coda Spook-Tacular was proposed by George Sharp, Rural Program Manager with the Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC) to Bucoda Mayor Alan Carr as a way to build on their annual Scary-nites Haunted House, Bucoda Thriller event and the fact that they change the name of the town from Bucoda to Boo-Coda by proclamation each October.

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The Rapidly Changing Marketing Landscape

Learn how to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound

By John Thorburn. Bold Hat Productions

How we reach festival and event guests continues to be a rapidly changing landscape. The tools and mediums that were effective in delivering thousands of attendees less than 10 years ago are now delivering a lesser ROI and new technology is emerging daily that we must keep up with or risk losing out to smarter competition.

Careful and methodical planning when starting your event marketing efforts is the key to meeting your overall goals. This is the glue that binds all your communications efforts together, and sets you on a path that gives you confidence in the choices you make when determining how, when and where to execute campaign elements.

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Food Truck Legislation Introduced 

If passed, Senate Bill 5218 will reduce costs for the state’s mobile food vendors

By Lori Johnson, Washington State Food Truck Association

A new bill has been introduced into the 2019 State Legislature. Senate Bill 5218, which if passed, will make food truck vending across county lines significantly more cost effective and efficient for mobile food vendors. The bill has been referred to the Senate - Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Parks Committee, which is where food safety bills are considered in the Senate.

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